Mutually Beneficial Relationships

City Fleet Transport Maintenance is very interested in meeting new suppliers.

The more suppliers we meet, the more we get the chance to meet new people and form mutually beneficial relationships.

If you are a large business who can see the value in being part of something strong, unified, mutually beneficial and can see the benefits of this system, then by all means, we would like to speak with you also.

We own some of the largest workshops in Australia and some of the smallest and both are needed members of the industry body as a whole. The big guys don’t want the 2am callouts and the small guys don’t have the secure means for high expense projects.

We have a process that is needed to qualify for this partnership to occur. We are all about helping businesses through that process as doing so efficiently and effectively is in our interests also.

Support and Strength

You can expect support and strength. As an independent workshop you can find yourself in situations that you find stressful or hard to deal with. Be it Fair Trading claims to tax issues, staff, workers compensation claims etc. we are here.

We have vast resources, lawyers, CFOs, accountants and industry experts, who you can talk to and get advice from on all things transport maintenance oriented.

Our team make themselves very available, to help you through any situation that you may be facing. Maybe you want better performance from your mechanics? Maybe a dealer is telling a customer of yours that a warranty is denied because it wasn’t the dealer, who serviced or repaired the truck. Whatever the situation, we have support for you and we can certainly help, in all of these aspects and many more.

Remain Yourself

You can expect to remain yourself. We don’t try to make you into City Fleet Transport Maintenance. Your business is your business and there will be things about you and your business that are great. We don’t want to upset that. Your name stays your name and you still get to grow the business as you always planned.

Most businesses improve using our systems and the original business clients get the benefit of that also.
We have many workshops of our own, we don’t want yours. What we want is to provide a mutually beneficial space that we can fill with quality clients that want a consistent outcome in all areas, even your area, no matter how remote.

Becoming part of this only benefits all parties and once you are a member of this system, we will be happy to explain in more detail other, more important benefits of this network system.